My name is Miranda Wallace and I am a graphic designer (shocker, I know).

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in December 2021 with a BFA (and honors) in Visual Communication. What drew me to this field was the practical application of art. I have always loved creating art from a young age. I would sit around and go through craft books and create what I saw. The crafts I enjoyed the most were the ones I could use everyday and made my life better. When I discovered the world of graphic design, I found that same practicality while still having the fun and freedom that creating allows. I have greatly enjoyed my design journey so far and can't wait to continue.

Besides designing, I enjoy sewing, crocheting, knitting, reading, spending time with family and friends, gardening, dancing, and baking. My spare time is filled with some form of creativity. I feel my best when I am creating so I never want to stop. That feeling you get, that spark where you feel excited and see all the possibilities for a project is such a wonderful feeling. If I can make someone feel the same spark by just looking at my art, then I will know that I made it.